How to cast your vote in a DiEM25 election

Thank you for showing interest in our internal democracy! We’d like as many DiEM25 members as possible to participate in our internal elections, in order to ensure that a wide variety of geographies and different segments of society are represented. Here’s a step-by-step guide to casting your vote (video here and text below):

Pre-requisites: this guide will assume that you are a DiEM25 member and that you have verified your identity at some point. If you haven’t verified your identity with us yet, you will see an alert asking you to do so. The fastest way to get verified is to let us send you a code (a 6-digit number) to your cellphone. This will result in instantaneous verification. Alternatively, you can upload a photo of your passport or national ID, which then has to be reviewed by our staff, and you will receive email confirmation of your verification after a day or so. In either case, if you need verification, go to in order to start the process and follow the instructions there. You may have to log in first.

To cast your vote:

  1. Voting will start on August 8 and end on August 21. Between those dates, go to (ideally on your computer or tablet rather than phone). You may have to log in first.

  2. You’ll now see a list of candidates. Review them and pick 1-6 people that you want to support.

  3. For each person that you want to support, click on the little white “Vote” box at the bottom left of their space. (If you are using DiEM25 in another language, it will have a translation of the word “Vote”.)

  4. Once you are happy with your selection, scroll down and click on the blue “Cast your vote” button (or equivalent in your language) at the bottom left of the page. Your vote is anonymised as soon as you cast it (like throwing a paper ballot into a box), so you cannot take it back out and change it later. For the same reason you also cannot vote for additional candidates later, even if you chose less than 6 people the first time.

  5. Done! You should see a confirmation message, and the system has helpfully put you on the dashboard page, so that you can continue to browse. I highly recommend clicking on each menu item at least once, in order to get an overview of the possibilities you have in DiEM25.