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#TheGreekFiles Campaign

Mr Draghi, what are you afraid of? Release #TheGreekFiles!


#TheGreekFiles: DiEM25 launches petition to support freedom of information request for legal documents on the ECB’s closure of Greece’s banks in 2015.

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Over 2000 Join Call To #freeAssange At Brussels’ Bozar


The Belgian capital was one of the more than a dozen cities to hold the "First They Came for Assange…" global event. DiEM25 co-founders Srećko ...

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DiEM25 supports "Ne da(vi)mo Beograd"


DiEM, fully supports the people of Belgrade and Serbia in its endeavors to leave no space for any alternative to democracy.

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Caroline Lucas on DiEM25


When I joined hundreds of people from across Europe at the launch of DiEM just a few weeks ago I was in desperate need of some inspiration. The ...

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The Eurogroup Made Simple


Without written rules, or legal process, the Eurogroup makes important decisions that are subsequently rubber-stamped, without any serious ...

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Faces of Democratic Deficit


Slavoj Žižek Sometimes faces become symbols – not of the strong individuality of their bearers but of the anonymous forces behind them. ...

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