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The Belmarsh Tribunal put the US on trial for crimes revealed by Assange


As we await the verdict of Julian Assange’s extradition hearing, the struggle for his liberation continues. Too often we hear that protests do not succeed.…

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Solidarity actions for Julian Assange in Belgium


Julian Assange has accomplished his role as a journalist by informing the public. The guilty ones are those who committed the war crimes he has…

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MeRA25 files motion to declare Julian Assange’s extradition case null and void


Athens (Greece): This morning, DiEM25’s political party in Greece filed a motion to request that the British government ends the ludicrous prosecution of our movement’s…

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The Belmarsh Tribunal: We stand with Assange


The Belmarsh Tribunal will investigate and evaluate US war crimes in the 21st century, and defend Julian Assange's right to reveal them. On Friday 2…

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Protest against the extradition of Assange in Copenhagen, Denmark


The local DiEM25 group in Copenhagen gathered on September 24 at Fælledsparken, to march and protest for the freedom and integrity of Assange and all…

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Protest against the extradition of Julian Assange in Bonn, Germany


"Brave whistleblowers and investigative journalists are essential building blocks of our democratic societies." DiEM25 continues to show that democracy is one of its core beliefs…

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Here’s to you, Julian Assange!


"This is the message we all must deliver to those who held [Assange]: if you kill a man, you create a myth which will continue…

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Julian Assange’s trial is part of an increasing encroachment on democracy


The trial against the free press continues. The trial in the United Kingdom seeking to extradite Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to the United States was…

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