Julian Assange allowed to appeal US extradition… but the fight is far from over

The United Kingdom‘s High Court has ruled that Julian Assange will, for now, not be extradited to the United States on espionage charges and has been granted leave to appeal against his extradition, providing momentary respite for the WikiLeaks founder, and organisations like ours who have been fighting for his freedom.

However, we must be under no illusions that this represents a victory, but rather some relief in the bigger picture, with Assange still being kept in torturous conditions for almost five years in Belmarsh prison, on top of the seven years inside the Ecuadorian Embassy. The case has been adjourned until May 20.

Assange faces a 175-year sentence in a maximum-security prison if he were to be moved to the US for the crime of for revealing governments’ lies and exposing their very crimes against humanity. Powerful players are still desperate to lock Assange away for the rest of his life, so we cannot let up in our opposing struggle which is to see him walk free.

Today’s announcement, if anything, should provide encouragement for all of those made their voices heard. Our members in Athens, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Derry, London, Münster and The Hague went out on the streets in recent weeks to demand freedom and justice for Julian Assange. We also dedicated a livestream to Julian Assange, which you can watch here.

Humanity currently stands at a crossroads, with a devastating war raging in Ukraine and systematic ethnic cleansing perpetrated in Palestine. Today’s wars, like those of yesterday and tomorrow, are predicated on extensive disinformation campaigns that cause entire societies to rally behind massive violence by stoking fear and hatred. In Assange’s words: if people can be lied into war, they can be truthed into peace. Indeed, truth is the absolute prerequisite for humanity to join forces and address the existential crises it now faces. If the standard-bearer of our era’s investigative journalism is allowed to rot in a cell, it is not just his fate that is sealed – it will be our own.

Assange will not be extradited for now, but DiEM25 and our allies in the Progressive International will not stop fighting for his total freedom.

And despite Monday’s announcement, WikiLeaks published an update that highlights the gravity of the situation. “Julian Assange may still be extradited to the US in three weeks if US Gov provides “assurances” – previously deemed by Amnesty as “inherently unreliable” – including that he will not be prejudiced at trial by reason of his nationality and not receive the death penalty”.

We will forever stand by this son, husband and father who found the courage to confront the most powerful security establishment in history. We will never waver in this struggle, not until our Assange is free, and we call upon progressives around the world to join us in this crucial fight for truth, justice and our common future.

DiEM25’s past campaigns, including the whistleblower fund and petitions, have been pivotal in garnering support for Assange. Our progressive values implore us to stand for a free press, and we must remain valiant until this fight is conclusively won.

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