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The US is going after Assange for exposing its war machine


The hearing ended without a judgement, for which we will likely have to wait weeks. In the meantime, the campaign for Assange’s freedom grows

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Navalny: Another victim of an authoritarian regime


Navalny paid for his outspoken views against Putin, yet this problem is not exclusive to Russia, with many others around the world suffering ...

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Yanis Varoufakis visits Julian Asssange in Belmarsh prison


The visit took place together with Roger Waters and Assange's partner Stella

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Members from Belfast and Dublin pressure Biden to free Assange


The main theme of the action was to call on Biden to drop legal proceedings against Assange, four years on from his incarceration in London

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Free Assange campaign to be promoted at Roger Waters tour


We are proud to be promoting some of the many campaigns advocating for the freedom of Assange at the Roger Waters concerts in Amsterdam

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DiEM25 joins Free Assange Committee Belgium to protest for Julian’s freedom


Brussels played host to Assange's 51st birthday ‘celebrations’ which were used as an opportunity to call for his release

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Julian Assange will celebrate his 51st birthday in Belmarsh prison


DiEM25 Advisory Panel member has been kept at the high-security facility since 2019 following seven years inside the Ecuadorian embassy

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Erik Edman: Assange decision a threat to press freedom worldwide


DiEM25’s Political Director spoke to the Greek daily newspaper Ethnos about the Assange extradition decision and its wider ramifications

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Julian Assange has been imprisoned in British Guantanamo for three years. It’s a crime against us all


Today is another landmark in one of the worst miscarriages of justice ever perpetrated by our so-called democracies in the West

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