Navalny: Another victim of an authoritarian regime

Navalny paid for his outspoken views against Putin, yet this problem is not exclusive to Russia, with many others around the world suffering similar treatment

The news of the ‘sudden’ death of Alexei Navalny in the Russian ‘Guantanamo’ of Siberian prisons – which also happens to come just before the Russian elections – shows how authoritarian regimes exterminate their opponents.

Vladimir Putin‘s ongoing persecution of anyone who threatens his regime continues. And that’s not forgetting all of Putin’s other political prisoners.

Yet while the western media rushes to condemn Putin and his regime for the awful treatment of Navalny over the years, it must also be reminded that many other political prisoners continue to face inhumane treatment from so-called democratic nations.

The United States and the United Kingdom’s treatment of Julian Assange is the clearest illustration of this, whose extradition (and life) is being judged next week in the High Court in London.

Palestinian political prisoners in Israel are in the same danger while the genocide against their people is unfolding.

In the face of all regimes, in all corners of the globe, the demand is common: without universal human rights and civil liberties there will never be peace.

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