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Solidarity with Russian left-wing political scientist Boris Kagarlitsky


The arrest of Russian left-wing political scientist and sociologist Boris Kagarlitsky is an attack on the Russian and global Left

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Defying the Kremlin: Russian left-winger Mikhail Lobanov’s exiled plea for peace and unity


A strategy for mass political structure aimed at transforming the current regime, while working with progressive forces in other countries

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Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant: Learning from the past to avoid further disaster



As Europe’s largest nuclear power facility is the centre of a pre-emptive blame-game between Ukraine and Russia, learning from the past could ...

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The Russia-Ukraine war a year on: Reflections and solutions


Pushing for peace in Ukraine is now controversial but DiEM25 remains firm. We held a discussion on how this could be achieved

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Lack of response to Nord Stream attack marks the end of EU sovereignty



EU inaction in the aftermath of this US attack suggests that it is at best a protectorate and at worst occupied territory

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Von der Leyen is harnessing the power of public gullibility



It’s time Europeans realised that their leaders are using Russia merely as a ruse to increase their own wealth and expand their power

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Yanis Varoufakis picks apart the corrupt European energy system


Political leaders across Europe want to divert attention away from their own role in the energy crisis by focusing solely on Russia

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Sweden and Finland joining NATO will not make Europe safer


The interests of common people can only be served by a new Non-Aligned Movement

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When and how will the Ukraine war end?


From the calm and controlled way the West reacts, it seems NATO's plan is moving full steam ahead. But it's far more complicated than that

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