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US invasion of Iraq 20 years on: The brutal strategy that spawned total chaos in the Middle East



Washington's decision to completely dismantle the state and military apparatus, contributed decisively to the prevalence of total chaos and the ...

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Lack of response to Nord Stream attack marks the end of EU sovereignty



EU inaction in the aftermath of this US attack suggests that it is at best a protectorate and at worst occupied territory

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Varoufakis: The US wants to turn the Ukraine war into a permanent conflict


Varoufakis clarified why pro-peace doesn't mean pro-Putin, and why the US wants the Ukraine war to continue

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Donald Trump may be gone, but misinformation is here to stay



With stronger digital rights for users, we as a society can build and profit rather than remain exploited serfs tilling the digital landscape.

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Message from Brian Eno on the US Presidential Election result


I’m relieved at the election result but not ecstatic: 70 million people voted for Trump after probably the most disastrous four years in US history!

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The Progressive International hosts #YourElectionOurLives


Mark your calendar! #YourElectionOurLives will be held on 11 November to evaluate the planetary impact of the US election.

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The democratic deficit in the US should lead us to examine our own in Europe


With the US second-to-last for electoral integrity amongst liberal democracies, we need to turn our attention to the democratic deficit within the EU.

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Chris Smalls: “Now is the time” to confront corporate oligarchy


Amazon worker turned organiser Chris Smalls continues the fight against Jeff Bezos' Amazon, calling for a US general strike on election day.

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The existential threat facing humanity, and how we can fight back


It is no exaggeration to say that the fate of the human experiment depends on the outcome of this struggle between two internationals.

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