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The EU turns a blind eye to Serbia’s rigged elections


Voter fraud and coercion guarantees the continuation of Aleksandar Vučić’s regime in the latest Serbian election.

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The Greens must reject new austerity in Ireland


The new #ProgrammeForGovernment does not offer the radical change that Ireland would need to address its deep environmental and social crisis.

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The need for a working-class consciousness within the UK press

The issue of working-class representation within press is more pertinent than ever. Grenfell is emblematic of the need for native reporters.

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What if the European common debt were an opportunity for workers to seize?


The European Union is a political space where the financial elites are winning by strangling the workers and populations of Europe through austerity.

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DiEM25 supports the green-left coalition in Croatia

The green-left coalition in Croatia emphasizes social justice, the end of financial orthodoxy, and an investment program for ecological transition.

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“Rhodes Must Fall”: a challenge to triumphant white history


Falling statues are only controversial when their falling undermines our place in the world; when it undermines our ‘triumphant white history’. 

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Police force hospital staff to take off their white coats at anti-austerity protest


In France, protests were held by hospital staff who called citizens who had been applauding them from their balconies to support their demands.

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Facebook Walkouts: Open Letter to IT workers 

DiEM25's Dublin DSC 1 supports IT workers participating in Facebook walkouts: "Don't quit. Reach out to other workers. Join a union. Organise."

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French organisations support healthcare staff in calling for a demonstration on 16 June

The World After Coronavirus can only be built when we rally behind an alternative to capitalism.

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