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Biofuels cartoon

Biofuels should fight climate change, not serve capital


Biofuel industry is geared away from sustainability and toward investor greed. We need to develop new democratic and transparent decision-making ...

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Tax evasion

EU keeps increasing the opportunities for tax evasion


Spasmodic actions from the EU reveal that there is no solid long-term plan for tax evasion and channeling tax money transparently.

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Yanis Varoufakis gives Kingston University's 6th annual Shakespeare lecture at the Rose Theatre

The madness and conflict of Shakespeare's characters can humanise economics


Why former Greek finance minister and co-founder of DiEM25 – a pan-European movement for democratising the EU – accepted the invitation to give ...

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Maurer family protests

Evictions that should not have happened


Europeans must to take to the streets until residential evictions no longer sweep through our cities.

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In Italy, as across Europe, now is not the time to wait and see


The recent general election in Italy reflected the continental collapse of support for political parties that hail from the European establishment.

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Merkel and Schulz

Germany finally has a government: now what?


We need to resist the neoliberal grip of the European Establishment. No new government will truly represent peoples’ interests unless we speak up!

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Why won’t the EU hold transnational corporations accountable for human rights?

Why won’t the EU hold transnational corporations accountable for human rights?


EU representatives have to stop blocking the process and start contributing constructively, just as is demanded of them from the European Parliament.

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How can we join the fight against gentrification?


A number of activists in the Czech Republic are facing years in prison for having broken a law called: the right to the house.

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An Ostrich Policy for the Dutch

An Ostrich Policy for the Dutch — and for the Eurozone


Eurozone reforms could reshape Europe. But where exactly are the Dutch, the largest net contributor to the EU?

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