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Victor Orban

Corruption in the Union: Orban’s ‘Cash Register’


Fresh allegations have emerged that EU Structural Funds worth billions of Euros have been awarded to friends and family of Victor Orban, Prime ...

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Is Europe truly recovering?


Paul Krugman’s opinion article describes a fragile recovery of the European economy. But we should be sceptical about whose interests are ...

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Invest in bitcoins and all your previous financial sins will be forgiven


Although Bitcoin appears to have fallen into familiar traps, we shouldn't lose sight of the potential of the underlying technology.

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Anti-racism protest

Join voices against the fascist cult of violence – “Long Live Life! Down with Death!”


After recent events in Macerata, Italy, we are beginning to realise that we need thousands of daily acts of resistance to banish fascist ideology.

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Europe, is this your face to the world?


Europe’s migrants are being deported to conditions of torture, abuse, and incarceration – and Europe’s governments are complicit. Is this the ...

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Gender Equality Index

The fight to deplete gender disparities throughout Europe is not over


Gender inequalities still exist throughout our European Union. Europeans have a duty to overcome these, and drive forward the movement for equity.

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Hard brexiteers tighten the screw on the UK PM


While millions are used as bargaining chips in this ever more farcical tragi-comedy...

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Romania - protests

It is winter again…


Renewed anti-corruption protests in Romania reveal a malaise stretching all across South-Eastern Europe.

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Mario Draghi

Is the ECB’s lack of transparency tolerable?


ECB is lacking the transparency owed to a European democracy. And it's harming Europeans.

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