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Emmanuel Macron

Let’s set the record straight on fake news, Mr President


An open letter to Emmanuel Macron on his plans to overhaul French media laws to combat the spread of "fake news".

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Merkel and Schulz

One more round in Germany, as Europe awaits


Merkel and Schulz know how to negotiate, but European democracy is non-negotiable.

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Labourers queue for work at the London docks in 1931. Photograph: Fox Photos/Getty Images

Are we living through a new “Weimar era”? Lessons from the past and constructive resolutions for our future


DiEM25 is the living proof that the lessons from our dark past can be learnt and transformed into constructive resolutions for our future.

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The new Austrian government shows the way… backwards!

The new Austrian government shows the way… backwards!


Stop the far-right from gaining momentum.

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Martin Schulz

Suddenly “United States of Europe” seems not so utopian


Martin Schulz’ proposals for a United States of Europe by 2025 are already in line with DiEM25 proposals. Is he planning to join us?

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Jean-Claude Juncker

LEAKED: Commission Trying to Woo German Conservatives by Sacrificing Europe to Austerity


This confirms our warnings that Greece has been used as an ‘austerity laboratory’ to test and generate methods to be exported to the rest of the ...

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Go European!

Hey German parliament, help democratise Europe!


DiEMers in Berlin launch a new campaign to strengthen European democracy via the Bundestag.

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Climate change

Capitalism vs Climate change: it’s urgent to take sides


To fight for climate change does not mean to fight for new/better policies but to fight against capitalism.

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Glyphosate: Democracy 0 - Lobbyists 1

Glyphosate: Democracy 0 – Lobbyists 1


The European Council's decision to overrule the European Parliament is a direct show of contempt towards citizens and their sadly flawed ...

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