Hey German parliament, help democratise Europe!

DiEM25 Germany
05/12/2017, Articles Member-contributed
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The local DiEM25 group in Berlin (DSC Berlin 1) has launched a vital new campaign with other pro-European organisations. Called “Bundestag: Go European”, the campaign calls on the new German parliament to use its influence on European politics to strengthen European democracy. It outlines 13 concrete demands that the parliament should act on, including live streaming of all Council meetings.

Check out the video below for more:



What can you do?

  • Sign the petition (the button to press is “Petition mitzeichnen”) to send a clear message to German MPs: The time for a citizens’ Europe is now!
  • Support the Thunderclap on Twitter or Facebook, to spread the message
  • Join DiEM25 to get hands-on with this campaign or others.

For more information on this campaign, visit its website.

Guys, let’s shake the Bundestag together. Gently, compassionately… but firmly!


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