Posts By: MERA25 und DiEM25 in Deutschland

A day in Bremen: Prosperity for the many instead of wealth for the few


Activists from MERA25 and DiEM25 in Germany met for a day of workshops and an evening event in Bremen that was both militant and loving 

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Against Germany funding the army over peace


The German government coalition has agreed on massive military funding in what is a breach of policy and values in its post-war history.

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Simply not good enough: a look at the policy programmes of German political parties


A comparison of DiEM25’s Green New Deal for Europe policy programme with the programmes of other German political parties.

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The DiEM25 Summer Festival 2020: Political organisation in Germany during the pandemic


DiEMers met in Berlin for the DiEM25 Summer Festival 2020 -- the yearly German-speaking reunion of the movement.

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The crisis of centrist politics



We need a democratic project that revitalises our democracy and works for the necessary changes in parliaments, on our streets and in our living ...

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Join the Rebellion Week in October!


DiEM25’s National Collective in Germany (NC) calls on all DiEMers to join the Extinction Rebellion without Borders in October 2019, ...

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The European Spring is arriving in Frankfurt on October 26!


The European Spring will arrive in Frankfurt am Main on October 26, 2018, to mark the beginning of the democratisation of Europe in Germany.

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DiEM25 to launch its political party in Germany on June 2


After launching MeRA25 last March in Greece, DiEM25 will activate its second 'electoral wing' next week in Frankfurt.

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