Solidarity against repression and possible ban of 2024 Palestine Congress in Berlin

The Palestine Congress aims to raise awareness about the ongoing violations of international law by the Israeli military in Gaza and German complicity, but the congress is facing massive pressure 

The intentions of German politics to ban or hinder the congress represent a clear political threat to freedom of expression and align with the increasing repression against the Palestine solidarity movement.

Senator for the Interior, Iris Spranger (SPD), stated that the authorities are monitoring the planned Palestine Congress, while CDU faction leader Dirk Stettner demands that everything must be done to prevent the alleged “anti-Semitic event”. It is scandalous that an event involving Palestinian and international guests, as well as the Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East and other renowned, international Jewish speakers, is being defamed in this way.

In recent months and years, we have observed how Palestine demonstrations – whether organised by Palestinians, anti-Zionist Jews, or supportive individuals – are systematically banned, how police violence against demonstrators at Palestine demonstrations is increasing massively, and how the withdrawal of venues and media smear campaigns show no end.

While the German government shamelessly supports genocide before the eyes of the world, democratic rights are undermined here in Germany to silence protests for a ceasefire. Freedom of assembly, freedom of organisation, freedom of the press, and academic freedom have been massively restricted. In this context, we also see the attempt to ban the Palestine Congress. It is an attack on democratic rights and an attempt at international understanding.

And Germany is not the only state attempting to criminalise Palestine solidarity, as the phenomenon has gained momentum in countries like the United Kingdom or France: active Palestine solidarity has become the target of repressive legislation in different ways. The concept of freedom of speech is being questioned in Europe, paradoxically in the name of a country that increasingly upholds international law and human rights rhetorically with astonishing arrogance.

Therefore, we demand that the state of Berlin cease its efforts to ban this congress and stop the repressions against the Palestine Congress. Freedom of speech and assembly must be defended.

It is up to us in the Palestine solidarity movement to vehemently oppose any form of repression and censorship.


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