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Make Amazon Pay

German DiEM25 activists take Amazon’s perverse labour practices head-on


Working conditions are worsening all over Europe and DiEM25 activists are joining the struggle to reverse the trend.

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DiEM25 Eastern Europe

Not all quiet on the Eastern front…


It is crucial to learn from the example of Eastern Europe if we don’t want to see the whole of Europe collapsing in this way.

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We the people...

A proposal for a European Constituent Assembly


DiEM25 Italy proposes how our movement could campaign to bring about a democratic constitution to replace all European Treaties.

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Income inequality

Income inequality is getting worse. It’s time to address it.


New studies show how Europe has a long history of income unfairness. The economic crisis is making it worse.

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Yemen, a humanitarian crisis being ignored by western media

Not in our name? Yemen, a humanitarian crisis being ignored by western media


Can it be that lucrative arms deals have deafened the west to the anguished cries of the Yemeni population?

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Technological progress should not simply serve capitalism


Silicon Valley’s innovations should first pass through a “social” filter before going mainstream.

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Paradise Papers

The Paradise Papers are much more revealing than people think


A massive new leak exposes the tax havens of the mega-rich, reminding us that we need desperately to fix the system.

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Our climate crisis is also a crisis of democracy and imagination


A member of our local group in Munich explains why we should all support the ‘#Raus-aus-der-Steinkohle’ campaign.

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Poverty and Climate Change

Fighting poverty should not derail environmental goals


Poverty alleviation can jeopardise climate change goals, scientists say. We need to make sure this doesn’t happen.

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