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G20 – they colonized our future


G20 forecasting prolongs the infinite growth paradigm into the future, while G20 backcasting draws strategic conclusions for present action ...

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What now, Europe?

What now, Europe?


It is time for German voters to realize that a vote for the CDU is a vote for short-term rewards and a long-term disastrous breakup of the EU.

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The Eurozone is ‘bouncing back’? Tell that to the people of Spain and Greece


Evidence points to a wide chasm between people’s lived experiences and the European Commission's message of triumph.

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António Costa

Portugal’s left-leaning economic recovery


Portugal is on the path to solid economic recovery, but the structural flaws of the Eurozone, that contributed heavily to the country's crisis ...

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Universal Basic Income

Why universal basic income is not enough


At DiEM25, we agree with the logic of a universal basic income. Critically, however, we believe that the money should not come from additional ...

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Dividing people with drones. Maybe we should just go back to soldiers and barbed-wire fences?


Surveillance drones and other such science-fiction security measures risk taking Northern Ireland back to the darkest period of its history.

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German elections

Will elections in Germany change anything?


All Europe’s hopes are pinned on the German elections on September 24th.

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French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman announces the plan to found the European Coal and Steel Community

How the European idea can be saved


Developing DiEM25's constituent process: Part II of a member of the London DSC's contribution to our discussion.

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Documenta14 - Bifo Berardi

Did you forget the meaning of the words: Nie Wieder Auschwitz?


Open letter to some German journalists.

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