E58: Does neutrality mean indifference? Europe’s place in a world of escalating tensions

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has set off a new arms race. Countries like Germany are announcing billions of euros in new military spending, and historically neutral nations like Sweden and Finland are now intent on joining NATO. And polls indicate that many of these moves have broad public support.

But some believe in a different path for Europe, one that rejects the submission of the continent to both US and Russian interests: neutrality. On May 13, our own Yanis Varoufakis issued the Athens Declaration with Jeremy Corbyn and Ece Temelkuran, calling for such a path.

Does neutrality mean indifference in the face of a war of aggression and all the suffering that follows? Can an independent Europe lead the way towards peace? Or is it just a pipedream in a world of nuclear weapons, colossal armies and escalating tensions?

Our panel, including Yanis Varoufakis, Erik Edman and more, investigate. Watch live and send us your questions and comments!

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