Sweden and Finland joining NATO will not make Europe safer

The interests of common people can only be served by a new Non-Aligned Movement

The NATO applications submitted by Sweden and Finland – countries that used to be pillars of neutrality and peace in Europe and the world during the Cold War – are not as a response to a current Russian threat greater than that of the Soviet Union. They are the result of the gradual rise of conservatism in Europe during the past few decades. Former Swedish prime minister Olof Palme would be appalled by the decisions taken today by his party.

Opposing one autocrat by strengthening another can never be the solution. That’s why DiEM25 is voting on whether we should join a call on progressive parties, governments, organisations and citizens across the world to join a new Non-Aligned Movement.

Europe, for centuries the crucible of world wars, needs to put that past resolutely behind it and become a beacon of peace. That can only be achieved by decoupling from foreign national and oligarchic interests, achieving sovereignty, and announcing its neutrality as a global leader of such an autonomous initiative.

Read the Athens Declaration, a call for a new Non-Aligned Movement, here.

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