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Our solidarity to the victims of the latest migrant tragedy in the Adriatic Sea


At least 78 refugees have drowned off the coast of Greece when their boat capsized, with potentially hundreds more missing.

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Boris Johnson is gone – now let the Tories go too


Real change in the United Kingdom can only come once the UK has a people’s government

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Sweden and Finland joining NATO will not make Europe safer


The interests of common people can only be served by a new Non-Aligned Movement

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Al-Nakba: The ongoing catastrophe of the Palestinian people


The execution of Shireen Abu Akleh is one of the many ways the Israeli authorities seek to silence those that expose the apartheid regime

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United against repression: DiEM25 condemns Berlin’s ban on Nakba commemorations


With several other organisations, we stand against this attack on individual rights

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EU authoritarianism: Two sides of the same coin


The far-right and the neoliberal Establishment. Why does the European Council want to punish one while cheering on the other?

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DiEM25 Coordinating Collective’s position on French presidential election first round


As France gets set for the first round of its presidential election, the DiEM25 Coordinating Collective explains why it is backing Mélenchon

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Stop the War in Ukraine


Stop Putin's invasion. Stop NATO escalation. Peace via a people's diplomacy!

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Stop the Warmongering in Eastern Europe


A statement on the situation at the border between Ukraine and Russia. Signed by DiEM25's Coordinating Collective and MeRA25 Germany/Greece.

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