Boris Johnson is gone – now let the Tories go too

Real change can only come once the UK has a people’s government

The Boris Johnson era exposed the UK establishment as never before: their self-serving motivations, their incompetence and their sense of entitlement became plain for all British people to see, one scandal at a time.

Johnson is now gone, but that alone represents little cause for celebration as the Tories are still in power, as they have been for the past 12 years. For as long as that remains the case, British people can only expect more hardship inflicted upon them to fatten the pockets of the oligarchs that own the Conservative party, as Cabinet member Nadine Dorries recently admitted. 

But moments like this can be what we progressives need to build the momentum necessary for real change. Let Johnson be the first in a long line of dominoes to fall in the UK establishment – one that includes the Tories, their oligarch backers, and a Labour frontbench that seems set on selling Tory-lite ideas, completely lacking the will or the courage to address the urgent needs of common people in any meaningful way.

As our ‘Your NHS Needs You’ campaign has shown, DiEM25 is growing rapidly in the UK in order to influence and implement that change. Economic justice, social justice and bottom-up democracy are our goals. If they are yours too, join us.

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