E74: When privatisation kills

Last week, a devastating train collision in Greece claimed at least 57 lives, the latest stain on the record of the EU’s most dangerous rail network.

In the Greek parliament, our political party MeRA25 blamed the lack of safety on the privatisation of the country’s railways. The state-owned train operator was sold for a measly 45 million euros to a bankrupt Italian company at the height of Greece’s debt crisis, in a sell-off of public assets masterminded by the EU and the country’s other creditors.

How do the waves of privatisation of public services across Europe impact the state’s ability to provide basic needs and keep citizens safe? And how can we prevent tragedies like the Greek rail disaster from happening again?

Our panel, including Yanis Varoufakis, Erik Edman and our activist and policy experts from across Europe, debates. Join us live and send us your comments and questions.

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