E76: GPT-4 and beyond: Discussing AI

Yanis Varoufakis and the coordinating team of DiEM25 hold a live discussion on the potential impact of AI on our lives, in light of the recent release of GPT-4.

We explore the ways in which AI could revolutionise the political landscape, potentially altering the way decisions are made and how we engage with our leaders, and look at the implications of AI on the job market, on activism, and on people’s lives more broadly.

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We keep going: MERA25 remains loud on the streets, even without a seat in the European Parliament

We were able to persuade 118,000 citizens to vote for us in the European elections. We raised our voices for peace, solidarity and freedom on ...

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Varoufakis: We are moving forward with the permanent goal of unifying the Radical Left

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European Elections: MERA25 falls short but our objectives remain the same

We would like to thank all the people who have contributed to our efforts in recent months

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The banality of democracy

What makes our democracies banal isn’t the conscious use of evil methods to silence freedom of speech, it’s how the system practises evil in a ...

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