E81: Europe’s Mediterranean graveyard

This month saw one of the worst shipwrecks in Europe in a decade. Up to 700 people drowned, including at least 100 children, when a refugee boat sank off the Greek coast on June 14.

It’s another tragic milestone resulting from the anti-migrant policies of governments like Greece, and of the EU itself. Inhumane policies that were given voice last year by the EU’s foreign affairs chief: Europe is “beautiful garden”, he said, that must be protected from the surrounding “jungle” that’s ready to “invade it”.

Similar tragedies have failed to bring enough public attention to the plight of migrants in the Mediterranean. This time, though, could be different. Survivors and NGOs have accused Greek authorities of playing a role in the deaths. The Hellenic Coast Guard, they say, watched the boat drift for hours without making any attempt to rescue people — and may have then contributed to its capsizing.

What are the latest developments in this crisis? Who should be held accountable? And what needs to change to prevent further tragedies?

Join us for this vital conversation featuring our special guest, Miguel Duarte, a tireless migrants’ rights activist who has already aided in the rescue of 14,000 people. And send us your comments and questions live.

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