Yearly Archives: 2016

DiEM25 and the UK Referendum


As the 23rd June Referendum approaches, the British people are being bombarded by a false dilemma between remaining in an undemocratic EU and ...

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An Austrian Refugee Teacher Says #let_them_in


Guest post by Robert Bigler About 14 months ago I met the first Syrian refugees in my hometown. It was a chance encounter which, however, would ...

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Yanis Varoufakis's Message to DiEM25 Members Injured in Paris


Nino, Remy and Violette, I am writing to thank you.  For what you did and for what you suffered. You have thousands of friends, comrades and ...

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DiEM25 Condemns Police Brutality in Paris


In France, DiEM25 works alongside trade unions and many other associations in action against the labour reforms bill and more recently against ...

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Noam Chomsky for the refugee crisis


In some countries, there is a real refugee crisis.  In Lebanon, for example, where perhaps one-quarter of the population consists of refugees ...

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Catholic Support for DiEM25 – should the Pope meet Yanis Varoufakis?


Abridged English translation of . Photo by Edgar Jimenez, ...

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Franco "Bifo" Berardi

Quantitative Easing for the People


Technology unemployment and the superstition of salaried work The post-modern explosion of racism that is spreading in Europe is one the effects ...

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DiEM25 Takes on Europe's Failed Response to the Inflow of Migrants and Refugees


DiEM25 chooses Vienna as the hotspot where European democrats will meet to address: The EU’s shameful response to the refugee crisis How a ...

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As night falls over Paris, #NuitDebout and DiEM25 join forces to rage against the dying of the light


Greece’s former Minister of Finance and DiEM25 founder is scheduled to address the movement this evening at Place de la République PARIS, ...

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