Yearly Archives: 2016

Zizek’s & Varoufakis’ ‘Dear Britain’ letters, in DiEM25’s spirit


The Guardian asked a number of authors to write an intimate letter to Britain ("Dear Britain") explaining why they want her to stay in the EU. ...

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On DiEM25’s activities in Barcelona on the anniversary of Ada Colau’s and Barcelona en Comú’s victory


Yanis Varoufakis was in Barcelona to celebrate the first anniversary of Ada Colau as mayor of Barcelona.

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The radical case for the UK to stay in the EU – London DiEM25 event, 28th May 2016


The largest event presenting the radical, progressive case for Britain to stay in the EU. Speakers included Yanis Varoufakis, Caroline Lucas MP, ...

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John McDonnell and DiEM25 link-up for a democratic Europe


Labour’s Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, John McDonnell has now added his unequivocal support for the principles advanced by DiEM25.

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The London Declaration: Why we stay in the EU to change it


Signatories included: Yanis Varoufakis, Caroline Lucas, John McDonnell, Clive Lewis, Owen Jones, Anthony Barnett, Sirio Canós Donnay, Neal ...

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Biggest ‘In’ rally of the campaign to take place on Saturday (28th)


Over 1000 people will gather on Saturday at what campaigners claim will be the ‘biggest pro-EU rally of the referendum campaign’.

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The Refugees Through my Eyes


(By Dora Chalari / Production Assistant at SKAI TV for OTE TV) It might sound strange, but no, it isn’t. Last October, one of the largest ...

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DiEM25 member Ken Loach wins Palme d’Or at Cannes


Lauded British director and DiEM25 member, Ken Loach, was awarded his second Palme d’Or last night at the Cannes Film Festival for I, ...

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The Globalising Wall


From its origins in the Cold War to its triumph at undermining a disintegrating European Union. As I write these lines in downtown Athens, ...

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