Yearly Archives: 2018


Far right lobby pushes for EU deregulation


The plans call for the EU’s ‘Precautionary Principle’ — which places an onus on traders to prove that something is safe before it is sold — to ...

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Germany and the SPD’s Future on a Knife-edge


The SPD’s inability to present a clear alternative to prevailing neoliberalism and austerity has been a boon to the AfD and a capitulation to ...

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Stormont powersharing talks

Tired Political Games in Northern Ireland


The DUP’s actions are an abrogation of responsibility and an unwillingness to make the hard decisions necessary to govern in the interests of ...

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Victor Orban

Corruption in the Union: Orban’s ‘Cash Register’


Fresh allegations have emerged that EU Structural Funds worth billions of Euros have been awarded to friends and family of Victor Orban, Prime ...

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DiEM25 is history in the making – be part of it!


We're launching ΜέΡΑ25 (MeRA25), DiEM25’s political party in Greece, to revive the spirit of the Greek Spring and shatter Brussels’ dead-end ...

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We have white smoke!


DiEM25’s members overwhelmingly approved the name of our new Greek electoral wing – the political party with which DiEM25 will contest elections ...

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Is Europe truly recovering?


Paul Krugman’s opinion article describes a fragile recovery of the European economy. But we should be sceptical about whose interests are ...

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Invest in bitcoins and all your previous financial sins will be forgiven


Although Bitcoin appears to have fallen into familiar traps, we shouldn't lose sight of the potential of the underlying technology.

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Anti-racism protest

Join voices against the fascist cult of violence – “Long Live Life! Down with Death!”


After recent events in Macerata, Italy, we are beginning to realise that we need thousands of daily acts of resistance to banish fascist ideology.

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