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Tourism and climate change: a toxic combination


Most recent scientific calculations show that tourism has much worse carbon emissions than previously believed. It is imperative that we design ...

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The Precariat is Pushing Back — We Must Support Them


The labour market must not descend further in flexibilization, union demolition, and rising inequality — but toward fair and universal workers’ ...

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Scientific research is the next victim of the EU’s democratic deficit

Scientific research is the next victim of the EU’s democratic deficit


Proposed EU legislation wants to turn scientific publications into profit. We must mobilize to protect the scientific community and block the ...

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Biofuels cartoon

Biofuels should fight climate change, not serve capital


Biofuel industry is geared away from sustainability and toward investor greed. We need to develop new democratic and transparent decision-making ...

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Tax evasion

EU keeps increasing the opportunities for tax evasion


Spasmodic actions from the EU reveal that there is no solid long-term plan for tax evasion and channeling tax money transparently.

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Merkel and Schulz

Germany finally has a government: now what?


We need to resist the neoliberal grip of the European Establishment. No new government will truly represent peoples’ interests unless we speak up!

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EU militarism

A war on our values


German and France defense ministers urge greater military spending to fight terrorism. It is progressives to challenge the war-mongering and ...

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Is Europe truly recovering?


Paul Krugman’s opinion article describes a fragile recovery of the European economy. But we should be sceptical about whose interests are ...

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Europe, is this your face to the world?


Europe’s migrants are being deported to conditions of torture, abuse, and incarceration – and Europe’s governments are complicit. Is this the ...

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