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Can the pandemic trigger our social reflexes?


Social distancing should only be physical; this crisis offers a unique opportunity to increase our social bonding and cooperation in safe ways.

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The much-needed vision of a post-capitalist world


Greece falls back to a police state while Greeks show what Europe and the world needs: get over our fears and uncertainties and collectively ...

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Biodiversity will not be saved with incremental progress


To protect the planet from ourselves, we have to confront capitalism.

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"Adults in the room" in the context of our crises


Yanis Varoufakis’ book and other volumes among the Guardian’s 100 best books of the 21st century highlight the crises we are facing.

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Economic migration: breaking down the myths


Debunking myths around the burden of “illegal” migration on societies.

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US midterm elections: the fight continues!


In spite of fear, fake news and voter suppression, Americans proved that hope survives. Let’s keep this light burning!

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Radical change, by consensus


The call for radical change used to come only from the outside. Now, even insiders like Barack Obama can see the system’s failure. We must build ...

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The myth of the ‘migrant burden’ debunked


We have definitive proof: migrant and refugee populations work hard and deliver prosperity to their host nations.

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LGBT rights are not negotiable: equality and equity now!


May 14 reminded us that LGBT rights demand attention throughout a divided Europe.

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