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Nous devons radicalement repenser notre façon de voyager et de nous déplacer


Les infox diffusées par les industries pétrolière et automobile sur les véhicules électriques visent à protéger un modèle économique néfaste.

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We need to radically reimagine the way we travel and commute



The oil and automotive industries’ attempts to spread misinformation about electric vehicles is a bid to protect a harmful business model.

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Multinationals, how much do they pay and where? A call for transparency


European leadership on public country-by-country reporting could fix the environment of secrecy and abuse in the tax practices of multinationals.

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Coronavirus crisis shows our collective failure to tackle tax evasion


There is a dramatic human cost to tax evasion and tax avoidance. Bolstering our public services starts with fighting tax evasion more promptly ...

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