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DiEM25 panel discusses UK political crisis: Time for a complete overhaul?


What can be expected from this latest government? Should there be early elections? And can the state of UK politics be repaired?

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DiEM25 has a plan for peace in Ukraine


Members approve our five-point proposal that aims to bring about a peaceful resolution to the war

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We will turn Black Friday into Make Amazon Pay Day


Unions, environmentalists and campaign groups pledge to turn Black Friday into Make Amazon Pay Day with strikes and protests against the ...

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Democracy prevails: Lula wins Brazilian elections


Lula’s victory is one for the poorest, for women, for indigenous peoples and everyone concerned about the fight against climate change

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The complexities of EU accession for Serbia and Montenegro


EU accession is far from straightforward for Balkan countries with many factors involved regardless of whether a country wants to join or not

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Varoufakis: The US wants to turn the Ukraine war into a permanent conflict


Varoufakis clarified why pro-peace doesn't mean pro-Putin, and why the US wants the Ukraine war to continue

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Greek oligarchy is going after MeRA25’s Kleon Gregoriadis after calling out Russian oil hypocrisy


The MeRA25 MP called out Mitsotakis’ hypocrisy of protecting shipping magnates in light of their transportation of Russian oil

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DiEM25’s Dusan Pajovic discusses Green New Deal on Upstream podcast


DiEM25’s Dusan Pajovic appeared on the Upstream podcast to discuss the Green Transition and, specifically, our proposal for a Green New Deal.

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We demand the resignation of EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell over his racist remarks about non-European countries


His remarks reveal the appallingly racist and colonial mindset that permeates even the highest levels of European political leadership

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