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Saleh Muslim

DiEM25 calls for the immediate release of Saleh Muslim


Saleh Muslim is a figurehead of the Rojava revolution. We call for EU member states to guarantee his protection and freedom of movement, and to ...

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DiEM25 is history in the making – be part of it!


We're launching ΜέΡΑ25 (MeRA25), DiEM25’s political party in Greece, to revive the spirit of the Greek Spring and shatter Brussels’ dead-end ...

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Help us establish a DiEM25 political party in Greece


Support us to offer an alternative path for the Eurocrisis’ front-line country.

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Thomas Wieser hailing ‘reforms’ and downgrades democracy


Wieser likes those who promote TINA. DiEM25 is here to challenge this and bring change.

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Emmanuel Macron

No Mr. Macron, on European federalism you can’t whistle and hum at the same time


Let us not be deceived by Macron’s pretended “Europeanist” stance.

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Our transnational party takes shape — and everything else we’re up to

Our transnational party takes shape — and everything else we’re up to


Here's a roundup of some of our activities from the past few days. Exciting times!

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Yanis Varoufakis and Benoit Hamon

DiEM25’s bid to build a transnational political party takes off in France


A delegation of DiEM25 members are meeting with potential ‘electoral wing’ partners in Paris ahead of the 2019 EU Parliament Elections.

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Asmterdam flag

We’re now a step closer to competing in elections!


DiEM25 could participate in its first electoral contest as soon as this March!

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DiEM25’s 2018 will prepare for TINA’s demise in May 2019


In 2017 we took crucial steps. In 2018 we must do better so that, by May 2019, we can say that we made a meaningful difference.

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