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Does the EU have the courage to govern the future?


The European Union will unite or perish. DiEM25's 3-point plan offers the only way towards unification.

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DiEM25 launches online TV series: the World After Coronavirus


If you registered in advance, you will receive the link to the livestream via e-mail. If you didn’t register in advance, don’t ...

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Celebrating DiEM25's fourth anniversary in Rome


On the fourth birthday of DiEM25, the Roman local DiEM25 groups and the Italian National Collective organised the event ...

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DiEM25 Italia: Salvini's threats must be countered!


Salvini's perfidious calculation: He provokes a government crisis in plain summer and could not be blamed for the chaos the adoption of Italy's ...

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December 8: with DiEM25, against climate change


DiEM25 invites all communities to take to the streets, spread the word, and promote our message: With DiEM25, against Climate Change.

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Palermo shouts!/ Let’s help them return home


On the night of 11 November on the eve of the International Conference on Libya, the group of artists known as Stalker / Noantri Planetary ...

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Seismic security in the New Deal: from L’Aquila to the whole of Europe


For the first time ever, a European political programme includes seismic vulnerability and hazard reduction among its top priorities – not just ...

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European Parliament Elections: launching the European Spring transnational list


DiEM25 will be at the forefront of the transnational “European Spring” list that will campaign for the European Parliament with a unified ...

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A necessary utopia: open debate on the role of DiEM25 in the event of elections in Italy


Take part in the open discussion about the prospects of DiEM25 in Italy, in case of early elections.

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