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“We are a poor family”: How the case of Nobre is a symptom of the capitalist disease


After the demonstrations and strikes by workers at Nobre Alimentação, it is once again clear that capitalism does not fulfill its purpose in society

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Our measures for housing


DiEM25 in Portugal will take to the streets with housing movements and activist groups

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Portugal elections: fight the oligarchy or nothing will change



A path that ends in a dead end can only create instability. That's the likely outcome of Portugal's election.

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Portugal's policy: the needed solidarity for migrants


We call on the governments of other countries to follow Portugal’s lead and grant migrants social services and healthcare.

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DiEM25 Academy in Lisbon


From 6 - 10 June, DiEM25 hosted its first Academy in Lisbon, after previous sessions in Belgrade and Cologne.

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Statement against the illegitimate redevelopment of the Praça Martim Moniz in Lisbon


In the evening of Tuesday November 20th of 2018, the Lisbon Municipal Council (CML) presented the redevelopment of Praça Martim Moniz, one of ...

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