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DiEM25 says no to demonstrations of hate


DiEM25 stands against all far-right iterations in Greece and across the continent, and in solidarity with refugees and migrants.

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Next Stop: Prague!


Our members have voted, and the selected proposals to be presented, discussed and amended in Prague are...

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Our European Way of Life should be about solidarity and shared prosperity – not racism and xenophobia


The pursuit of a Europe of solidarity, shared prosperity and peace for all: that should be “our European way of life”.

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The Great Redefining


The epicentre of our crises could be the place to reinstate the Left to its proper place.

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European transnational solidarity in action: Athens Labour Day 2019


DiEM25 members from 20 different countries joined their MeRA25 counterparts in Greece to send a loud message to the Greek and European Establishment.

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Democracy returns: presenting MeRA25's electoral programme for Greece


We do not fetishise the euro, nor the drachma. But we are determined to liberate Greek Democracy and end our country’s desertification!

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The first-ever DiEM25 Academy is here!


Join us in Belgrade on September 15-17 for the first-ever DiEM25 Academy! Don't miss this unique chance to meet activists from all over Europe ...

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Europe Day: not a day of celebration (yet)


So on this “Europe Day” let’s reflect on what kind of a Europe we have, why we have it, and how to move towards a new one that can make us proud ...

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Jean-Claude Juncker

LEAKED: Commission Trying to Woo German Conservatives by Sacrificing Europe to Austerity


This confirms our warnings that Greece has been used as an ‘austerity laboratory’ to test and generate methods to be exported to the rest of the ...

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