DiEM25 steps up efforts in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden

We continue to work hard to scale-up our pan-European struggle.

Next month myself and other members of DiEM25’s Coordinating Collective will be visiting Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden.

Our aim? To help DiEMers organise locally, expand our membership in their countries and coordinate internationally. This local work on the ground is critical for DiEM25 to have serious impact, directly on the lives of the people who need our movement the most.

As a bottom-up, internationalist movement, we’re counting on grassroots support to power our bid to transform Europe.

So, if you happen to live in North Rhine Westphalia, Rome, Utrecht, Copenhagen, Malmö, Lund, Gothenburg or Stockholm and would like to join our organising meetings next month, please get in touch with me here.

Here are the dates and locations of our meetings (time and location TBC):

  • Netherlands (Utrecht, The Hague): January 17-19
  • Germany (North Rhine Westphalia): Within February
  • Italy (Rome): February 5-6
  • Denmark (Copenhagen): February 7
  • Sweden:
    • Malmo/Lund: February 8
    • Gothenburg: February 9
    • Stockholm: February 10

Also, DiEMer, with your help, over the next few months we’ll be visiting these and other countries to help organise and build the momentum needed to have a bigger impact everywhere in Europe. Will you donate to strengthen DiEM25’s work on the ground?

At DiEM25 we know we cannot wait for Brussels or our national governments to create the change we need. We understand that real change always begins at the grassroots level when people stand together to fight injustice.

And we are proud to be 100% grassroots-funded. Your contributions help fuel the work that is required to make this happen. Please donate today!

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