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Women and girls are ignored in the pact on migration and asylum of the EU


The EU should reassess women and girls’ migration policies because their vulnerabilities are neither accounted for nor are they addressed.

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Sexual and gender based violence: Lessons from Chiapas, Mexico


The Gender 1 DSC highlights the Zapatista's use of self-organisation, mediation and restorative justice to address sexual and gender-based violence.

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The invisible labour of women keeps our societies and economies going


Care work performed by women is not valued as economically relevant; more often it is either unpaid or badly remunerated.

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Celebrating women and combating structural inequalities


As a feminist movement, DiEM25 is committed to addressing the issues that women and LGBTQIA+ people face.

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Grassroots communities lead the way forward in times of political uncertainty


DiEM25's thematic group on Gender reflect on the World Day of Social Justice and invites you to a webinar on 26 of February at 21:30 CET!

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Europe must advance sexual rights in 2021


On European Sexual Health Day, DiEM25's thematic group on Gender calls on states to uphold sexual and reproductive health rights.

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Zero tolerance for female genital mutilation


DiEM25's thematic group on Gender calls out the practice of female genital mutilation as an expression of deeply entrenched gender inequalities.

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Legal but not accessible: abortion in Turkey from an ethical perspective


DiEM25 members on the fight against patriarchy in Turkey, which has "de facto banned" abortion and limited access to contraception.

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