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A truly progressive, social and united left is urgently needed in Portugal



Eight years of António Costa's governance have come to an end and yet another socialist party that, like its European counterparts, no longer ...

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None of us are free until LGBTQ+ people are



Until 1990, homosexuality was still present on the International List of Diseases of the WHO, which is why today we celebrate International Day ...

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Why is ecofeminism so relevant to our time?


Feminine emancipation is now no longer an end in itself but is considered to be the means to stop the destruction of the planet

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Solutions for the cultural sector in Portugal


A quick look at the newly-proposed artist statute by the Portuguese government and why it isn't good enough.

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Presenting the new DiEM Voice website!


We invite you to come be a part of the redevelopment of DiEM25’s arts and culture platform: DiEM Voice!

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My Carnation Revolution will always be like this


The courage of Portugal's April 25th Captains is the same courage we need today to bring real democracy everywhere across Europe.

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Raise your voice for Assange


The first DiEM Voice open call "Raise your voice for Assange" is out! We are seeking work from all artistic disciplines for an ongoing online ...

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