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Against the fossil huggers!


Green is a symbol of hope — but it is also a source of great social wealth.

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Save the Bees


The implementation of The Bee Guidance, an EU guideline to protect bees from the harmful effects of pesticides, has been on hold in member states.

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Welcome to the insane world of global trade


Two weeks ago it was #InsaneTrade Week, when we learned about the absurdity — and climate costs — of our global trading system.

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The song and dance about the UN migration pact


Our asylum system will forbid Europe from returning asylum-seekers to a country in which they would be in likely danger of persecution.

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The calamity of austerity in Greece


During the crisis twenty-five percent of the Greek economy vanished for good.

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An Ostrich Policy for the Dutch

An Ostrich Policy for the Dutch — and for the Eurozone


Eurozone reforms could reshape Europe. But where exactly are the Dutch, the largest net contributor to the EU?

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France and Germany want to make the eurozone shock-resistant

“Real” eurozone reforms – and why they miss the mark


Germany has a new coalition agreement, and eurozone reforms are part of it.

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