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Emmanuel Macron

The painful cost of French ascendency


The French economy might turn out to be the toast of Brussels, but the day to day experience for the French people will not endear them to ...

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In Italy, as across Europe, now is not the time to wait and see


The recent general election in Italy reflected the continental collapse of support for political parties that hail from the European establishment.

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United Kingdom Elections 2017

Glimmers of Hope for the UK’s Post-Brexit Future?


Labour’s plans are among the most hopeful developments in the Brexit process so far, and are strikingly similar to DiEM25's proposal for a ...

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Germany and the SPD’s Future on a Knife-edge


The SPD’s inability to present a clear alternative to prevailing neoliberalism and austerity has been a boon to the AfD and a capitulation to ...

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Stormont powersharing talks

Tired Political Games in Northern Ireland


The DUP’s actions are an abrogation of responsibility and an unwillingness to make the hard decisions necessary to govern in the interests of ...

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