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Lack of response to Nord Stream attack marks the end of EU sovereignty



EU inaction in the aftermath of this US attack suggests that it is at best a protectorate and at worst occupied territory

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Police brutality escalates in Greece


MeRA25 calls for common action from left-wing parties to protect citizens and defend democracy.

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The first full year of MeRA25 in parliament!


MeRA25's members of parliament stood their ground in support of Greek democracy, economic sovereignty and social justice.

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Zagori UNESCO40 Initiative: a progressive blueprint for regional revitalisation  


DiEMer Andreas Andreopoulos is campaigning to highlight and protect the nature and culture of Zagori and hopefully revive its economy.

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Lessons in grassroots democracy from an occupied school in Athens


The Greek government's only measure to protect school children was to make masks mandatory - but their free masks were grossly oversized.

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