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Academic freedom in the context of France’s new approach to ‘separatism’


DiEM25 expresses support for the fight of French academics and invites signatures for the appeal on the protection of academic freedoms.

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Student Protest in Palermo

The ‘Europeanization’ of schooling: what is a European education?


In an ambitious future, education as a common good means an education enjoyed by the whole community, built by citizens culturally capable of ...

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International Women's Day 2018

The polis needs the feminine, at least as much as the feminine needs the polis


The feminism developed in recent years relates the legitimate claim of women’s full citizenship within the polis with a more symbolic – but not ...

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Emmanuel Macron

Let’s set the record straight on fake news, Mr President


An open letter to Emmanuel Macron on his plans to overhaul French media laws to combat the spread of "fake news".

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