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The US is going after Assange for exposing its war machine


The hearing ended without a judgement, for which we will likely have to wait weeks. In the meantime, the campaign for Assange’s freedom grows

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Palestine at COP28: We don’t need words anymore, we need action


At COP28, the PI interviewed Hadeel Ikhmais, Palestine’s climate negotiator, about how Palestine is impacted by climate breakdown amid Israel’s ...

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The Gaza Resolution


Amid the unfolding genocide in Gaza, popular movements, parties, and unions across the world issue a pledge to stand for Palestinian liberation ...

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For lasting peace, end the Nakba now


A catastrophe is unfolding over Gaza. Following the October 7 operation from inside the Gaza Strip, Israel’s Defence Minister has ordered its ...

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We express our support for the protestors in Serbia


In May, consecutive mass shootings left 18 people dead in Serbia. As Vučić failed to respond, mass protests have erupted across the country

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EU labour ministers, will you work for us or for Uber?


16 trade unions and gig worker collectives call on EU labour ministers to support their struggle for decent work against platforms' abuse

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COVID-19: A Year On


Since the anniversary of COVID-19, the Progressive International have been writing a ‘Manifesto for Human Life’. Join us.

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Ecuador’s democracy is under attack


Inside of Ecuador, the electoral authorities attempted an unprecedented vote "recount" that threatened to derail the democratic process.

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