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When saying No isn’t enough: what should progressives do?



Rosemary Bechler, member of DiEM25's Coordinating Collective, on what progressives must do besides just saying NO.

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Informed opinion carves a new democratic path for Bristol


UK Councillor Paula O’Rourke explains how Bristol’s citizens’ assembly is helping them to build back better.

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Deliberative Democracy and Israel‘s Monocultural ‘National Us’



Rosemary Bechler, mainsite editor at OpenDemocracy, on polarisation, the Monocultural National Us, and Israeli exceptionalism.

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Sarah Everard reveals ingrained misogyny in UK society and its judicial system


The abduction and murder of Sarah Everard has produced an outpouring of sympathetic grief from the nation’s women and those who care for them.

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On March 8, let us not only reclaim the streets but reclaim our democracies


On International Women’s Day let us not only reclaim the streets, but reclaim our democracies, and defend the rights of all the dissenting ...

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DiEM25’s electoral wing is a historic moment


How DiEM25 could become ‘a hotbed of grassroots democracy capable of supranational solutions’, according to our CC member Rosemary Bechler.

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