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Pamela Anderson joins Srećko Horvat to promote our Green New Deal for Europe!


As part of the Elevate Festival opening on February 27 in Graz Srećko Horvat will be joined by actress and activist Pamela Anderson to promote ...

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DiEM25 calls upon all progressives to support Julian Assange’s bid for freedom!


DiEM25 expresses its solidarity with Julian Assange and Wikileaks and calls upon all progressives to support his bid for life and liberty.

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Syria calling!

Europe: Syria calling!


The Syrian crisis is not only a crisis in Syria. It is also a crisis of Europe itself.

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Srécko Horvat

Live chat with our co-founder Srecko Horvat on October 31


Why do we want to form an electoral wing, and why now? Join Srećko for a chat to discuss all of this and more!

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If we don’t restore democracy in Europe, the consequences could be dire


Just before the nightmare of the second world war started to explode, the Italian politician and philosopher Antonio Gramsci famously wrote in ...

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