Live chat with our co-founder Srecko Horvat on October 31

Srećko Horvat
Thu 10, 2017, Member-contributed Uncategorized
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Dear friends and DiEMers!

The debate and vote on whether DiEM25 will create an ‘electoral wing’ is one of the most important decisions in our movement’s short (!) history. It is not only something that concerns all of us, but might shape the future of politics in Europe — and beyond.

So join me for a Facebook live chat on October 31 at 7PM CET to discuss all of this and more!

Like many of you, I never joined any political party and never wanted to. So why do we want to form an electoral wing, and why now? What could this proposal mean for our movement, and for municipal and national politics, and the European elections in 2019? How can we go electoral while remaining a movement, and how can we successfully combine ‘horizontality’ and ‘verticality’?

These are just some of the questions we can discuss on October 31. Ask your questions here. Look forward to seeing you there!


>> Srećko Horvat, DiEM25 co-founder


Photo: Oliver Abraham


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