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The Globalising Wall


From its origins in the Cold War to its triumph at undermining a disintegrating European Union. As I write these lines in downtown Athens, ...

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Yanis Varoufakis's Message to DiEM25 Members Injured in Paris


Nino, Remy and Violette, I am writing to thank you.  For what you did and for what you suffered. You have thousands of friends, comrades and ...

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The Eurogroup Made Simple


Without written rules, or legal process, the Eurogroup makes important decisions that are subsequently rubber-stamped, without any serious ...

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Euroryhmä yksinkertaisesti


Euroalue on maailman suurin ja tärkein makrotalousalue. Siitä huolimatta tällä valtavalla makrotalousalueella on ainoastaan yksi instituutio, ...

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Europe and the Specter of Democracy


Michel Feher interviewed Yanis Varoufakis before the DiEM25 launch. The interview first appeared on “Near Futures Online” in the ...

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Yanis Varoufakis' Advice To U.K.'s Jeremy Corbyn… And George Osborne


Originally published in Newsweek on May 2nd, 2016. Much was made recently of the U.K.opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn’s statement that I was ...

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Is Greece not another compelling reason to vote for Brexit on 23rd June?


Proponents of Brexit implore British voters to reclaim their democracy by voting to ‘leave’ the EU. On the day he announced his support for ...

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Reply to Open Letter by Green Members to DiEM25


Following the Berlin Launch of DiEM25, eleven representatives of the GREENS (including two Members of the European Parliament) sent DiEM25 an ...

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Britain needs DiEM25; and DiEM25 needs Britain

What makes DiEM25 a more effective movement? What is it doing differently?


Primarily, our capacity to inspire a broad coalition of democrats from all over Europe. Not just leftists (like myself) but also social ...

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