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Message to DiEM25 members: The summer is over, let's seize the day, let's seize 2019


 To all DiEM25 members Friends, comrades, DiEMers, Today I am writing to you in my capacity as Secretary of MeRA25, DiEM25’s Greek electoral ...

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MeRA25's appeal to help fire victims


Your donation will help make a difference to the people of Greece who lost everything in the fires.

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May 1st: As long as capitalism exists, every generation of workers is condemned to wage the same struggles again and again – for dignity, wages, conditions, hours


Today, May 1, we struggle not to forget the sacrifices of generations of workers to etch onto the world’s collective conscience the crucial ...

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Yanis Varoufakis gives Kingston University's 6th annual Shakespeare lecture at the Rose Theatre

The madness and conflict of Shakespeare's characters can humanise economics


Why former Greek finance minister and co-founder of DiEM25 – a pan-European movement for democratising the EU – accepted the invitation to give ...

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Bretton Woods Conference Participating Nations Flag Display

A Tale of Two Faltering Unions (UK and EU); and what DiEM25 proposes in response


An address at the Oxford Guild, Oxford University, on passionate believers who are troublemakers, Brexit negotiations, simulating a federation ...

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DiEM25 prepares to compete in elections

May 2019, here we come!


A letter from Yanis Varoufakis about DiEM25's 'electoral wing' and the path to 2019.

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The Royal Society

"BREXIT: What must be avoided and what must be done, now!" – speech at The Royal Society


Listen to the talk delivered at The Royal Society in London on November 7, 2017.

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