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Open Letter to Joe Biden by 95 Greek MPs: “Drop all charges against Julian Assange!”


As part of the international mobilisation to apply pressure on the US government to end the persecution of Julian Assange, MeRA25 invited members of Greece’s…

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What is Biden waiting for on the Julian Assange case?


The US case against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange took another blow last weekend after one of the key witnesses admitted to fabricating evidence.  Icelandic hacker…

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DiEM25 takes to the streets on Julian Assange’s 50th birthday 


Celebrate Julian Assange’s 50th birthday on the streets of a European city close to you! DiEM25 Advisory Panel member Julian Assange has been deprived of…

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“Anything to Say” art exhibition inaugurated in Geneva in support of Julian Assange


On June 5, on the edge of Lake Geneva, Davide Dormino’s bronze sculptures, depicting the two whistleblowers Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning and journalist Julian…

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Raise your voice for Assange


We are calling on all artistic members to come join us and to help build the creative platform of DiEM25! DiEM VOICE is the creative platform of…

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Biden Administration pursues extradition of Julian Assange


The Biden administration will appeal decision to deny extradition of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange The quiet announcement -- released amidst former President Donald Trump’s second…

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The US political establishment want Julian Assange dead


On Monday a British judge ruled that Julian Assange should not be extradited to the United States on charges of espionage and computer hacking. Yet…

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