#G20Hamburg – an update from DiEM25’s members and activists on the ground

07/07/2017, Articles Uncategorized
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As mainstream media is broadcasting live from Hamburg, covering the G20, the demonstrations, conflicts and brutality on the streets, we can only but confirm that the situation on the ground is dire. Hamburg’s citizens and protesters are facing a challenge, which is indeed unusual and highly explosive: trash and cars are burning, there are fences and barricades everywhere. The police and public authorities are on the brink, which makes the situation even more volatile.

And the G20 summit just got started. Everywhere in the city centre protesters are blocking the streets, the police are calling for more support, helicopters are hovering the sky… And DiEM25 is in the middle of it all, inviting everyone to join our “Constructive Disobedience” – our way to move forward.

We’ll gather at Hamburg’s University tonight at 7.30pm, a location right at the edge of the city-imposed security zone and next to Messezentrum, where the G20 summit is actually taking place. If you can’t join us in Hamburg, follow our live stream here.

Carpe DiEM25 from a city in state of emergency.

DiEM25 members, volunteers and activists in Hamburg.


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